About Us

AIM/Burke is a business consulting and marketing research company, with offices in Uruguay. We have over 20 years of uninterrupted experience.

We represent USA Burke (one of the most important marketing research companies in the world), as well as AC Nielsen in the area of ​​sales forecast by simulating test markets.

At AIM/Burke we can make real your marketing research project in Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay (also you can send us your request for other countries).

We are specially trained to perform multi country studies, ensuring quality and low costs thanks to a unique organization in this industry: agile local structures for fieldwork, along with a centralized call center and our headquarters in commercial service, design, coordination, training and analysis, supported by the most advanced information technology and virtual workgroups.

We assure reliability, responsibility and professionalism.